“ It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it”
    Do you have the oratory skills to sway and mesmerize entire audiences with only the power of the spoken word? Because while the pen might be mightier than the sword, when words get a tongue, they shake mountains.

    So Mademoiselles and Messieurs, here’s your opportunity to move mountains with your thoughts and ideas. Iron out the kinks in your throat as you prepare to shine on stage with the only armory being your voice. Protect your opinion when the war is waged; it might as well be the only thing by your side.

    Confound your opponents and convince your audience. If you think stage-fright could get the better of you, overpower it with your confidence.

    The greatest battle of words and wits is here.
    Following are the rules -
    Prelims -

    • The participants need to form a team of two members.
    • An abstract must be submitted on the given topic for preliminary screening. The topic will be released soon.
    • The length of the abstract must not exceed 200 words.
    • The contact details must be properly mentioned.
    • The abstract must be mailed to lds1968nitjsr@gmail.com by ...

    Finals -

    • In the finals, each team will be competing against one another for a total sum of 12 minutes.
    • Each pair of teams will be given a separate topic.
    • The organisers will be deciding which team will be for or against the motion. The decision will be binding.
    • Of the total time allotted the time division will be as follows: - Participant A, Team 1: 3 minutes.
      Participant A, Team 2: 3 minutes.
      Participant B, Team 1: 3 minutes.
      Participant B, Team 2: 3 minutes.
      Rebuttal: 3 minutes.
    • Rebuttal can come from the judges, opponent teams or the audience.

    Hindi Debate Rules -

    • This is an individual event.
    • The participant will be required to prepare both for and against the motion.
    • Half an hour prior to the beginning of the debate, the person will be given his side i.e. for or against by the organisers.
    • The participants will be speaking for the total time of 6 minutes.
    • Rebuttal session for next 2 minutes.
    • Rebuttal can come from the judges, opponents or the audience.
    Prizes worth Rs. 9,000/-
    The co-ordinators for this event are -
    Coordinators - Rohit Kumar (8092291457).
    Joint Coordinators - Arjun (9825113966).


    Grammar Nazis! In a world with ever increasing usage of slang an incorrect grammar, we share your concern for the English language, and understand the importance of maintaining the language in it’s untouched form. So here’s an opportunity to show the world how it’s done.
    A-Minute (or JAM) is an all-round-fun event that is all about the control of the mind over the mouth. Can you make it through sixty seconds of non-stop talking without hesitation, repetition, or deviation? Or will the sheer pressure make you crumble and have your competitors pounce on you in an instant? It is a fun filled literary event where the participants have to speak on the given topic for a maximum of 1 minute. While speaking, they cannot make certain errors. If any one of the fellow participant spots an error while participant is speaking, he/she can clap and point out the error for which they will be rewarded points. Points are also awarded for the time span for which a participant speaks. So fill that unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of impeccable English and you would be the winner.
    The errors which will be considered are:-
    • Plagiarism
    • Queen’s English
    • Standard format
    • Late start
    • Early start
    • Gesticulation
    • Over dramatization
    • Boring
    • Beating around the bush
    • Grammatical error
    Prize money - Rs. 4500/-
    The co-ordinators for this event are -
    Coordinators - Atul (8271773445).
    Joint Coordinators - Abhishek (8084129867 ).


    Potpourri -
    “Potpourri” refers to “a miscellaneous or diverse set of things”. Add to it a spicy twist of literature and voila! You have successfully cooked your way through this extravaganza event. Welcome to the event that has everything for everyone: be it a casual reader solving trivial puzzles, or a lover of the arts taking delight in the romance between language and entertainment. Be prepared for a marathon of word and vocabulary games that test not only your wits but your presence of mind as well in a time pressed environment.
    Following are the rules -
    • Number of Events( 2): English Potpourri and Hindi Potpourri
    • Participants are required to participate in teams of 2.
    • Prelims round will be a written round.
    • Teams qualifying the prelims make it to the final rounds
    Prizes worth: Rs. 6500/- for English potpourri and Rs. 6500/- for Hindi potpourri
    The co-ordinators for this event are -
    English Potpourri -
    Coordinators - Nikhil Rai (87977779326).
    Joint Coordinators - Sourabh (8651132418).
    Hindi Potpourri -
    Coordinators - Rana Dey (9451257953 ).
    Joint Coordinators - Vishal Jain .


    Are you witty enough to create unheard stories out of silent images? Or are you fond of telling tales out of blues?
    If yes, come & Wit a story for everyone to hear this Culfest. Put your brain cells to the test in the game that tests your presence of mind and creativity.
    Following are the rules -
    • Written prelims based on captioning the images, creating witty one liners, writing short engaging stories, etc.
    • 6 teams will enter into the finals.
    • Rules for the final rounds to be stated on the day of the event.
    Prize money - Rs. 4000/-
    The co-ordinators for this event are -
    Coordinators - Alok Jha (8809638588).
    Joint Coordinators - Aparajita (7764044066)


    Poetry Slam -
    Poetry is the unexplored ocean that many fear to set sail on, clinging on to the safety of the calm harbor. But that’s not who ships are built for. Aboard the stage with hundreds of poets as they embark on a poetic journey against the crashing waves, and continue until you’re the last one standing. All forms of storytelling, songwriting, stand-up comedy and cold hard poetry are welcome.
    Following are the rules -
    • Poems can be on any subject and in any style but must be original.
    • Use of props, special costumes, musical instruments or pre-recorded music is not allowed.
    • This is an individual event and is open to all.
    • Poems once performed may not be repeated in further rounds, except in case of tie-breaking rounds, violation of which disqualifies the poet. Therefore each poet should plan on bringing at least 3 original poems to compete, with an extra poem as buffer for a tie.
    • Time limit is three minutes. After three minutes, there is a 10-second grace period after which a penalty of 0.5 is automatically deducted, without warning, from each poet’s overall score for every subsequent ten seconds.
    • The judges will give each poem a score from 0 to 10.
    • The total score for a poet will be the sum of the scores by all the judges in the panel for a particular round and will be considered for their qualification to next round.
    Prizes worth Rs. 4500/-
    The co-ordinators for this event are -
    Coordinators - Rolee Agrawal (7903456035).
    Joint Coordinators - Riya (7209772585)


    “ If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write”. 
    Writing is an art which brings out the emotions and feelings hidden deep inside hearts of people and allows them to express themselves in an effective way to the outer world. It does not take much to become a writer, just a pen, a paper and a handful of ideas. Culfest’18 brings to you the opportunity to let your creative side overpower your spirit to produce an epitome that mesmerizes others. Pick up the pen and jot down all that pours out of your brain with no boundaries to the realms of fantasy. So if you think you have it in you come be a part of this amazing event and write your way to glory.
    Following are the rules -
    • Number of Events (2):- English Creative Writing and Hindi Creative Writing
    • It is an Offline Event.
    • Participants will be given 3 -4 topics or audio-visual guides on spot and they have to submit their composition in not more than 200 words for each.
    • The composition may be either in Hindi or in English. Different topics would be given for Hindi and English.
    • The composition can be a piece of prose or story.
    • Plagiarism would lead to disqualification.
    Prize money - Rs. 3000/-
    The co-ordinators for this event are -
    Coordinators - Sunny Shekhar Rathore (9570929581).
    Joint Coordinators - Arijit (7005467390)


    “ Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do”.
    Culfest’18 brings to you the mother of all quizzes-the SSMQ- with questions from every topic under the sun. Be sure to exercise your brain to its limit and surprise many, including yourself. This is where the best minds compete for glory. It’s not just about knowledge, but also about thinking differently, getting the timing right, and of course, having a little bit of luck on your side! 

    So if you think you’ve got what it takes to make a mark, then do come and be a part of this grand event.
    Following are the rules -
    • A team should consist of 2 members.
    • There will be total 8 teams in the Onsite Finals.
    • A written prelims round will be conducted to select the top 6 teams for the finals.
    • Decision of the quiz master will be binding and final for all and any team violating the rules will be disqualified.
    Prize money - Rs. 9000/-
    The co-ordinators for this event are -
    Coordinators - Ashutosh (8987717520).
    Joint Coordinators - Shubham (9155677552) and Tanya Omar(7273872054).


    “ Anybody can be a journalist. There are opportunities for all of us to contribute to stories “.
    If you're an intellectually curious person— let's assume that you are—you are likely to have embraced a number of notions about how the world works, how it should work and who should be running it. There should be no strings attached to your opinions, no one asking you to tone it down, and nobody that really wishes you to just shut the hell up and report just the fluffy pieces. You should also lack the warm and fuzzy attitude of your naysayers (and the trolls) who are always right when they spout off at the mouth in the comment section or on social media. In the age of the internet and social media, what does it mean to be a journalist? What is journalism?

    1. Getting accurate information fast
    And treating it sceptically.
    2. Good journalism also means treating your audience with respect
    And treating the truth with respect
    3. Doing it carefully, properly and ethically.
    4. No matter what the medium.
    Following are the rules -
    There will be two rounds in Journalism: Prelims and Finals. A maximum of 8 teams will be shortlisted for the finals.

    Prelims -
    • A minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 members are allowed in the team.
    • All the teams have to submit a write-up on Culfest ‘18(ongoing preparations) as their Prelims entry. Word limit is 250 words.
    • The abstract must be mailed to lds1968nitjsr@gmail.com by 7th February(12 noon).
    • The write up can be either in Hindi or English. You will have to stick to one language throughout the competition, i.e. if you get selected for the finals, the reporting has to be done in the language you chose in prelims.

    Finals -
    • Any team member should not be replaced.
    • The mode of communication/reporting has to be the same as that chosen in Prelims.
    • Every team will be allotted the equipment for 30 minutes each day.
    • The events to be covered shall be chosen by the team.
    • The teams need to cover the festival in a way that they may find suitable. They may take interviews as well and/or report about the ongoing events.
    • The reporting has to be done of the events taking place between 9am-5pm. Main-stage reporting is not allowed.
    • All the video clippings, separated day wise must be submitted to the coordinator before 6 pm on 13th Feb. Basic video editing is allowed.
    • The camera will be allotted to the teams in the respective slots provided to them. Teams are requested to report on time. Any excuse for the delay will not be entertained.
    • The finals entry should include video clippings plus a proper report covering the 3 days activities.
    • No obscenity and no inappropriate behavior will be entertained in the video.
    • The equipment must be handled carefully. Any damage caused to the equipment will be penalized.
    • Decision of the judge will be binding and final for all and any team violating the rules will be disqualified.
    Prizes worth: Rs. 18,000/-
    The co-ordinators for this event are -
    Coordinators - Tanya Omar ( 7273872054 ) and Aditya Sanket (9473439892).