Radiance -
    Radiance is where the budding fashionistas get to showcase their fashion sense in a way they want here, at NIT JAMSHEDPUR. With the stage all set for innovative designers to leave the audience awestruck with their innovative designs and amazing theme portrayal capabilities, Radiance promises to be a too-good-to-be-true experience for all. Radiance being a capstone event of Culfest at NIT Jamshedpur, gives a glimpse of the professional world of fashion and zips this novice through runway of this glam world. The participating team of various colleges put a glam tag in the event for being fashionable, trendy and creative, all at once. From designing and creating garments to choreographing the moves of models on the ramp with the music, the experience is truly boundless. This year too, Culfest calls all the fashionistas out there, who believe in carrying themselves with the poise, panache and vivacity. Come and participate to experience one of the most remarkable events of Culfest’18.
    Following are the rules -
    • All the members of the participating team must be registered.
    • There might be a preliminary round, depending on the number of teams participating, for which the teams will have to send portfolio of any 3 models on which they will be judged.
    • Number of members in a team should vary between 14-20 (minimum 4 male models and 4 female models required) and this number includes the designer, stylists and models on stage.
    • Time limit for performance should be 12-15 minutes. Extra time of 2 minutes(max) maybe given to each team for prop setup and removal.
    • Each team must also give the name of one designer/ Stylist. 
    • Teams are responsible for their dresses, make up and background music. Teams are requested to bring their soundtrack in easily transferable media such as pen-drives.
    • Vulgarity of any kind would lead to disqualification of team. Use of fire, pets or any hazardous materials are not allowed on stage.
    • No other members other than the performing ones are allowed to come on stage during performance.
    • Only a maximum of 10 members can be present on the stage at any given time, except, for the last 30 seconds. All the team members can be present on stage in the last 30 seconds.
    • If a team fails to stick to the given rules mentioned above, it will lead to disqualification of that particular Team. 
    • The decision of the judges will be 'binding' and 'final' for all.

    Theme- Open Theme.
    							Judging criteria: 
    							- Depiction of theme 
    							- Use of props 
    							- Designing 
    							- Ramp walk 
    							- Poise 
    							- Presence on stage 
    							- Choreography 
    							- Music and Narration
    Prize Money:- Worth Rs. 70,000 to be won.
    The co-ordinators for this event are -
    Coordinators - Ishani Sarkar and Rahul Meena (9414209985).
    Joint Coordinator - Suraj Suresh (8921446731).