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Culfest, the annual cultural fest of NIT Jamshedpur is a name to reckon with especially in the Eastern Region due to its sheer scale and magnitude. While Mother Nature warms up to welcome summer, by shunning the old and embracing the new, the students take to the fest as a cathartic and therapeutic medium to let go off their inhibitions and set the stage ablaze with their immense talent.

With more than 100 events, ranging from varied genres like dramatics to literary, Fine arts to quizzing there are ample opportunities for everyone to prove their mettle.

Not to forget, the interesting repertoire of pro-nites serve just right to tantalize everyone. So friends!! it's time to get all desi and shimmy for here comes the most exciting time of the year.



“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Be it surmounting the paramount hills, trekking across the Antarctic on a dog sled or venturing into the deepest darkest forests of the Amazon, or something less physically formidable but perhaps no less challenging like getting on a colossal stage, facing an overwhelming crowd craving for recreation and giving it up a notch with a spine-tingling performance, everything is an accomplishment. It was said, “Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul”, so this February, bring out the swashbuckler in you as Culfest’17, the cultural fest of NIT Jamshedpur, is approaching with the theme, “Wanderlust – esprit d’ adventure”.

The three-day cultural extravaganza to be held on 10-12th of February, 2017, is showcasing a melange of enthralling events and electrifying competitions. Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, so come learn about them, prepare meticulously, put up a one-man show or foster strong esprit de corps and camaraderie for a group and bring out the ace in you. After all, you can be the footloose choreographer, the radiant diva, the witty writer, the eloquent artist, the soulful singer, the highbrowed quizzee or just the frolicsome frat that you always wanted to be on one of the biggest platforms in Eastern India. It is only in adventure that people succeed in finding themselves. So, hop in, dig down deep into your soul, quench your thirst for exploration and be the protagonist of an amazing cultural journey of life.

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